The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side…. And For Good Reasons


Just like a garden that is planted and never tended to, it doesn’t take long before it is overtaken with weeds. Your lawn is essentially the same as a garden. It required regular maintenance to prevent the weeds and crabgrass for starving out the good grass and taking over your lawn.

So how does your neighbor keep their lawn looking so green, lush and weed free while your’s is brown, dry and patchy?


Applying a pre-emergent in early spring and late fall will prevent seeds (both grass and weed) from germinating but do not affect fully established plants. Never spread your grass seed then apply pre-emergent. Some pre-emergent can be effective for up to four months, halting the growth of your grass as well as the weeds.



You need to test your soil to get the pH levels as well as testing the availability of nutrients.

Since the soil and grass type may differ from one lawn to the next, take the results from the soil test to a local garden center for their knowledge and advice. One suggestion you should expect, is to fertilize. An organic, slow-release is best used on your lawn, but don’t be surprised that you will need to mow more often due to the rapid growth.

Hydrated LimeA calcium deficiency could be a common link to weeds. Normal calcium to magnesium ratio should be 7 to 1. Anything less, indicates a need to spread high-calcium lime over the lawn. Doing so will deprive the weeds of food by increasing the lawns use of synthesize proteins and nitrogen.



Compost is organic food for your lawn. Whether homemade or purchased, it will benefit in a healthy lawn. Spread roughly ½” and raking that into your lawn. It should smell lightly sweet and earthy. Steam from compost means that it is still decomposing and not ready to be used.

Grass LengthGrass height is also a key factor in a healthy lawn. Dense tall grass will shade the weed seeds, and help to prevent them from germinating, as well, it will assist in cooling the root system and it assist in holding in ground moister.

Lawn WeederBe sure to remove weeds as soon as you notice them. A Lawn Weeder is a very useful tool for accomplishing this.

After a rain, the soil could be moist enough to remove the weed by hand.

Aeration is another method to achieving a healthy lawn. Aerating is the process of poking holes into your lawn. This allows water and nutrients to reach the root system much more efficiently.

Aeration and over-seeding in the fall could bring much healthy Spring Green grass.


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