The Battle Against The Bugs

Nothing ruins a beautiful summer day like annoying and potentially harmful insects. We have a fully stocked arsenal of pest repellents to help you enjoy your outdoor space this season.

08461824The Cutter® Citro Guard® Triple Wick Candle is perfect for patios and picnic tables. Made with real citronella oil, the candle repels mosquitos and other flying insects for up to 40 hours.





Deep Woods Off! ® unscented insect repellant contains 25% deet and provides long lasting protection from mosquitos,flies, ticks gnats and more.





13840053Tero Ant Killer Liquid bait is also on sale. When using any pesticides be sure to follow manufactures’ directions for application and use extreme care around children, pets and vegetation. You may also take into account the “friendly" insects around your home and garden. 

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