Post For Your Blog

Content provided exclusivly for dealers using House-Hasson Hardware Leading Edge website program.

Blogging is a very important part of having a successful web presence.

It can be used to capture an audience who may have a particular interest in a category such as gardening, lawn care, sports, fishing, or just good old fashion recipes.

As well, your blog can be used to inform the visitors of your website of upcoming specials or events, you may be presenting.

We realize that you are very busy maintaining your business and may not have many opportunities to create blogging content.

In the beginning of this program, we had asked to blog on your behalf. If you agreed, we would  post blog content directly to your website related to upcoming circular special, which in turn would post to your social media account such as facebook and twitter.

The content would contain a nice little article related to one or a few of the items within the circular.

Blogging on your behalf left you without the option as to what content you wished to add to your blog as well as the opportunity to customize the content of the blog.

In an effort to give you more control over what is posted to your blog and the ability to create the post quickly, we have decided to present the post here on the leadingedge website and allow you the choice of what to use in your blog post and when to use it.

Simply copy the text and paste it into your blog page.

As for the images: 

  1. Right click the image.
  2. Select "Save Image As"
  3. Save the imgage to your computer (be sure to note the location the file is being saved to).
  4. Upload the image to your Media Library using the "Add Media" button when creating the posts.

Happy blogging