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Terms and Conditions

You acknowledge that you are requesting House-Hasson Hardware to build a Leading Edge website for you.

You acknowledge that the setup fee for building the website is $500.00 and will be automatically charged to your existing House-Hasson account at the time your website is "Live" (Presented on the internet, under the requested domain name.).

You acknowledge the "Service/Hosting Fee" for the website is $65.00 monthly for a website with the shopping cart and $50.00 monthly for a website without the shopping cart. This fee will begin once the site is "Live".

eCommerce websites require a Payment Gateway to allow the online customer the ability to pay for the purchase. It is the website owners responsibility to setup the payment gateway. If a payment gateway has not been established before the completion of the site build, the website will go Live without a payment gateway. As well, the setup fee and monthly billing will commence at that time.

Once you have obtained the Payment Gateway, it can then be added to your website.

You are not under any minimum term agreement to have this website. However, once the website build has been started, you will be required to pay the full setup fee unless otherwise waived or altered via the authorized management of House-Hasson Hardware.

You may request to have the website cancelled via email to Chris Collins (eCommerce Manager) at ccollins@househasson.com. The content for your website will be saved in the event that you later decide to reactivate your website.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.