Getting The Wind Chill Effect

Reduce your electricity bill by using your air conditioner in combination with oscillating fans. Fans can lower the your perceived air temperature by as much as 5 degrees by creating a "wind chill effect" as the air rushes past your skin.

This allows you to feel comfortable with your thermostat set at a higher temperature, thereby reducing the amount of time your air conditioning unit runs and lowering your energy bill. We have a few great options here is store, pick up one for every area in your home.

Camair 20" 3 Speed Box Fan BX100 is one of the best-selling box fans on the market, 29608452this slim-line model is perfect for smaller spaces. It boasts three whisper quiet speeds and energy-efficient high volume air movement.

Available in both black and white, the 16 inch Comfort Zone 29609666Oscillating Pedestal Fan has fully adjustable height, adjustable tilt-back and three whisper quiet speeds.

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