10 ways to promote your Hardware Store’s website locally.


If you are a Hardware Store, Home Center, or Lumber Yard and have an ecommerce website, promote it to your current and future customers in your community.

Here are 10 tips to help you get started:


Place posters about your website in highly visible areas of your store.  A few good places are on the front door and at check out. Other areas in your store like paint mixing or key cutting where your customers have to wait while you perform a service. Also print an extra batch to place around town on business friendly bulletin boards.

2.Statemment Stuffer*

Print out a card introducing your website to your customers and send it with the monthly statement.

3.Bag Stuffers*

Place your intro card in the customer’s bag or hand it to them with the receipt.

4.Cash Register Receipt.

Put your website address on your receipts.

5.Bin tags.

Place a promotional Shelf Talker on shelf channels throughout the store.

6. Email.

Add your website address and promotional message on your email signature.  Ask your customers to join your email list and send them special announcements about your website.

7. Sales Staff.

Have your sales staff actively tell customers and generate buzz about the new website. “We also have 50,000 additional items available on our website.”

8 Kiosk.

Place an additional computer in your stores running your website for the customers to browse. Add a promotional sign near it to draw attention.

9. Press Release. 

Write a press release and send it to local news outlets.  Include the benefits of a ship-to-store business model describing how local online shopping can help the local economy supporting businesses like yours.

10. Social Media. 

Use your Facebook page to post website promotions. Use Twitter to alert your customer base of new arrivals or time-based special pricing.  Social Media is a great tool to reach out to your current and future customers. Get creative with it!


!!!!Turbo Charge all of these ideas by including a QR code with all the above suggestions to drive people to your website with their tablets and smartphones !!!!!


If you don’t have an ecommerce website call Chris Collins at 1-800-333-0520 ext.739.

House Hasson Hardware has the tools and expertise you need to bring it all together.

*Use House Hasson’s On-Demand system to print signs, statement stuffers, and shelf talkers.

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