Thank you for considering the House-Hasson “Leading Edge” eCommerce platform.

Do You Need A Website?

Welcome to the Leading Edge.

Today’s consumers are not yesterday’s customers. With the advances in technology, consumers now turn to the internet to research, compare and price products before committing to a purchase.

To be competitive in today’s market, having a website presence is not only beneficial; it aligns you with or even gives you the advantage over your competitors.

What’s better than just having an online presence? having an online presence with the inventory of your supplier. That’s right; your competitor may only be limited from three to five thousand items that they must manually manage.

With us, it’s so much more.

Keep reading to see how a Leading Edge website can benefit you and your business.

What’s included?

Our Inventory:

  • How about getting the entire House-Hasson inventory provided on your website? Yes, that’s over 50,000 products to offer your customers.

Your Inventory:

  • You are not limited to only the House-Hasson warehouse inventory. You also have the ability to add your own non House-Hasson supplied products to the website.

Matched Prices:

  • In addition to providing you with such a large selection of products for your customers, we also align the website prices of the products supplied by House-Hasson with your in-store prices.
  • As your cost changes, so does the website retail prices. If you customize your retails with House-Hasson, your website prices are customized as well.
  • These prices are updated on a daily basis.


  • Did you know that 37% of all projects start online? With the Leading Edge, we’ve included nearly 200 categorized how-to-videos to assist your customers in getting the correct start on what’s needed and how to complete the related project.

Monthly Specials:

  • Monthly circular specials are automatically added every month to your website to help you offer your customer special sale prices on your website.

Social Media:

  • The information you enter on your website blog automatically updates to your Facebook® and Twitter® pages.
  • If you do not currently have a Facebook business page or a Twitter account for your business, we will gladly set those up for you as well.

Feature Vendors:

  • Do you have a particular manufacturer or brand that you are proud to carry? You can give them a spot on the home page of your website.
  • You have the ability to feature your favorite manufacturer or brand and even direct the customer to the manufacturer’s website or promotional page.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • We submit your website to the major search engines, such as Google, Bing and many more, to get your business noticed on the web.

Site-to-Store Pickup:

  • This program is designed for your customers to visit your store for the purchase pickup. This allows you to form a face to face business relationship with new customers.

Virtual Employee:

  • Having a website gives you the ability to operate your business 24/7. And this employee does not take sick days!

Selling Online or Not:

  • Not comfortable selling on-line yet? not a problem. We setup your webite without a Shopping Cart or Buy buttons.
  • When you have established a good customer base or you just feel more comfortable with your new website, let us know. With a few modifications and a payment gateway, we can have you selling online in a very short time.

Payment Options:

  • PayPal

For an eCommerce site, you need a way for customers to pay you.

  • PayPal Payments Advanced allows your customer to check out with the security and comfort of a long time trusted company such as PayPal.

Your customers will have the ability to checkout with or without needing a PayPal account.

    • The PayPal Payments Advanced allows Credit or Debit card transactions via PayPal.
    • Plus we add your store logo, color scheme and a redirect back to your website after the payment process.
  • You will also have the payment option, to tie the website’s payment gateway directly to your current Credit Card system.
  • Pay by Invoice ( paying via an in-store account)
  • This option allows all of your customers with in-store accounts to make a purchase online and charge the purchase to their existing in-store account.

Wish List:

  • Not every customer is going to make online purchases. For this, we have added a product wish list to enable your customers the ability to add products they have viewed to the wish list, to be printed or emailed.

Service Pages:

  • You may offer a few or a multitude of services to your customers. For that, we have included nearly 40 editable, prewritten services.
  • If we do not have a prewritten service that you provide, you will have the ability to add your own or just add it to the list of “Additional Services”.


  • In addition to all that you see above, we include 10 email addresses for you, bearing your domain name. It appears more professional than emailing your customer from a Gmail or email account.

If you’re already a client of the Leading Edge program, congratulations and we thank you for being part of the Leading Edge family.

If you have not considered our website program, consider these statistics:

Although 61% of shoppers still prefer In Store shopping, 60 – 70% of those shoppers have researched online before committing to a purchase.

80% have researched online before committing to a large dollar purchase.

As well, having your website / products available 24/7, adds convenience to the customers’ shopping experience.

We urge you to consider getting your website now, before your competitor does.

For pricing and/or additional details, please contact your House-Hasson sales rep. or Chris Collins at (865.525.0471 ext.739)

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